You will learn the skills and strategies to confidently (and consistently) trade without devoting years (and money)  to study and analysis.  It will all make sense to you so you can execute the strategies with confidence, 
How to Use Common Sense to Trade the Forex Market
Common Sense Trading (CST)
A forex trading strategy for traders of all levels of experience, 
I have just finished your new Common Sense Trading course. It is clear and concise without all the bs you see elsewhere. Great course, great strategy, easy to put into practice and would recommend it to anyone looking to become a better trader...."...
“Great course, great strategy, easy to put into practice...”
CST is different. You wil be able to  put it into action what you see in the real-time illustrations. One reason is because it will make sense to you. 
Practical & Actionable Examples of CST
Even better than a quality trading system is the quality of support. With Jay and toth are offered. Jay provides his many years of experience and genuinely wants a trader to succeed trading and succeed in using a proven trading system.mmm
  • Access to a private community forum
  • Get immediate answers to your  questions
  • Connect with fellow traders who understand your daily challenges and how to help you.
  • Never go it alone again.
You will get ongoing support while you progress through the program.
Ongoing Support for Your Every Need

“Each lesson was like a building block! Thanks to CST  the forex market is no longer a mystery. I understand it better. I now have more confidence to trade it on my terms because I have a system with a strategy that  I know why it works.   It is common sense,,,
  • Step 1: You get access to our charting algo and the trading patterns it identifies
  • Step 2: You will learn how to use these patterns to identify the current trend (we call it an episode)  and get on the strong side to trade
  • Step 3: You will be shown the strategy and the logic behind why it works 
  • Step 4: You will see real-time illustrations that will tie everything together
  • Step 5: You will receive trading insights you will not find elsewhere
  • Step 6: You will be ready to trade because it will all make sense to you
And much, much more…
The CST course is like a step by step  journey and at the end you will be able to implement its strategies with confidence. It is presented in an online ocurse format. ...
Most trading systems only work in certain types of markets and can be painful when conditions 
change. . CST works in all market conditions and the reason why will make sense to you.
Let’s admit it, we’re all skeptical.
You have been disappointed before so assume this will be no different. 
                     CST  will change the way you look at trading   
The forex market is no longer a mystery..".
"Even the quality of support..."
Anyone can make a system kook good with a chart posted in hindsight. 
Hi there! I'm your trading expert]
My name is Jay Meisler, a veteran forex trader who has taken decades of experience and turned it into Common Sense Forex Trading .
Jay Meisler, a veteran forex trader for over four decades, has taken his uncanny ability to identify key chart points and the patterns they form to create a trading strategy based on common sense. It is a strategy that traders of all levels of experience will understand and feel confident putting into practice.

.You will say where have you been all these years, Trading is common sense! Now you will know why. 
Open your eyes to a new trading world by starting now.

 Trading FX and/or CFDs on margin is high risk and not suitable for everyone. Losses can exceed investment

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Common Sense Trading (CST)
Trading is not rocket science. it is common sense. This is the ultimate forex trading course because it is not only educational but is practical. You will not only learn to use an incredible strategy to trade but why it works. Understanding why it works will increase your confidence implementing it in real-time trading. The course is divided into steps that describe the logic behind the strategy and then how to trade using it in real-time. You will learn how to trade on the strong side of the market (e.g. high probability trades), with clear decision rules for entering a trade, where to place your stop and where to set a target. You are in control of your trading decisions and only take trades that fit your risk profile. Traders of all levels of experience can benefit from this common sense strategy.